Publication :Economic Times Ahmedabad
Date :Nov 25, 2008
Section :Gujarat Reloaded

Instant Remedy for Curing Hangovers Rajkot Co Vedantika Herbals develops Powder Mix from Prickly Pear Cactus.




Papiya Pattanayak Rajkot

RAJKOT-BASED Vedantika Herbals has developed an instant mix from the recently-developed prickly pear cactus (Opuntia ficus indica) formula to cure hangovers. It is for the first time in the country that a hangover medicine has been made in powdered instant drink form.

The instant drink is made with the powdered pulp of prickly pear cactus and is said to have several other benefits too. Commenting on the product, company CEO N Limbasiya said the mix is prepared in such a way that it has more than one-year shelf life. It is also beneficial in reducing cholesterol as well as cardiac problems.

Elaborating on the drink, he said, the research took 1-2 years and now the company is planning to popularise the product in the markets where alcohol consumption is maximum, generating higher demand for the product.

.An extract from the skin of the prickly pear fruit, Opuntia ficus indica (OFI) has been shown to reduce the inflammation.

The inflammation caused by drinking is partly due to the toxic effects on liver’s mitochondria. These cells make energy for the liver and without them, the liver cells die. The prickly pear juice does not stop the mitochondrial intoxication of liver cells but it does limit the amount of c-reactive protein (CRP) enzyme released by the liver. It is this, which reduces the effect of hangovers, said Mr Limbasiya. Initially, the company mulls popularising the drink through basic demonstrations in countries like the US and South Africa where demand for such products is high. The product will later be sold in India.

Though Vedantika has applied for the patent, it will take another 3-4 months before the drink is available in India.

Having more than 56 researched products from natural product ranges like health drinks, skin and haircare products, the company is also planning to give marketing rights or even sell the formulation in the US and South Africa. Currently, generating a turnover of Rs 25 lakh, Vedantika is in the process to distribute marketing rights for energy drinks and fruit candies to a New Jerseybased marketing company, added Mr Limbasiya.

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