Publication : Economic Times Ahmedabad
Date : April 3, 2008
Section : Gujarat Reloaded

Eat Fruit Candy, Check Heart Attack Rajkot-based Company comes out with Fruit Peel Candies that Lower Cholesterol.




Papiya Pattanayak Rajkot

SQUEEZE, relish and throw. This is what most people and companies do after extracting fruit pulp or juice. Not any more, if a Rajkot-based company’s product, made from fruit peels, is anything to go by. Vedantika herbals has come up with orange and lemon peel candies which besides adding value to hitherto disposed peels also help reduce cholesterol.

Commenting on the product, company CEO N Limbasiya said, “We were constantly researching on how to reduce the bad cholesterol naturally without disturbing the carbohydrate balance of the body. The peel candy came out after a research of around three years. To prepare the candies orange and lemon peels are dipped in honey. Later, sugar is added as a preservative and then the peels are exposed to low temperature.”

The candies have a shelf life of 18 months and reduce cholesterol level by 20% within a period of 2-3 months by increasing blood circulation in the body, according to Mr Limbasiya.

A study conducted by the US department of Agriculture and KGK Synergize (Canadian nutraceutical company) that was published in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry identified a class of compounds isolated from orange and tangerine peels that shows promise in animal studies as a potent, natural alternative for lowering bad cholesterol. The added benefit of the peels is that it shows the results without possible side effects such as liver disease and muscle weakness, as observed after use of conventional cholesterol drugs.

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